Tiny creature

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Dog flea, Your dog may have

Sand fly larva, Unlike mosquitoes, they breed in moist soil rather than in water.


Aquatic beetle, Of course, you can’t see it like this.

Citrus mites, In tropical countries, it will be with citrus fruits

Cat flea, There may be something in your cat that can cause rickettsial disease in cats.

Carpet beetle, When you read this article, it may be somewhere in the corner of your room.

Asian tiger mosquito, From Southeast Asia, like to travel and spread meningitis

Bed bugs, Very common thing, very stubborn, not easy to get rid of

Arrowworm, Like to eat zooplankton

Itchy mites, Permanent ectoparasite that can be parasitic on a variety of mammals such as sheep, cattle, horses, rabbits

Green fly, This one in the photo is spawning

Termite, Many people have found it in their homes. It turned out to be like this.

Tsetse fly, African blood-sucking insects that can transmit African trypanosomiasis

Chafer, Recognized refractory soil-dwelling pests

Jumping insect have lived 420 million years on earth.

Hawk moth, Common insects distributed around the world, long under the microscope

Head lice are most often harmful to children, especially girls, and may be prevalent in schools.

Maggot, To be precise, this is a sly head

Grain weevil, As you can see from the microscope, it is worthy of its name.

Drosophila, In many fruits, there is a white bug, its larva

Dust mite, A lot of life is around us, such as carpets, mattresses and furniture sets.