Comparison of current and early works of the painter

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The gap between the two years is like this

This is even more remarkable. He was injured in the neck in 2010. This is his first painting in rehabilitation and the comparison of self-portraits after 7 years.

10 years later, from the graffiti level to the professional level

It’s been 3 years since the first official work.

The level of his painting was almost the same as that of an ordinary child.

Focus on painting eyes for two years, comparison of works between 13 and 15

After a year of practice, the changes are also obvious.

After adulthood, I finally turned my childhood dream into reality.

Three years, jumping a few levels

It used to be rough, and now it’s like Disney style.

2013 is good, but perfect after 4 years

After 9 years, the level is impressive.

Awesome progress! Really the same author?

Compared with the works of 12 and 25, he really likes this role.

I have already painted very much in 2014.

Updated his work three years later, color and texture improvement

Comparison of works between 11 and 25

Wow, I am happy for his progress.

After one hour of practice per night, one year later

Two and a half years apart, especially the performance of the face is like two people

This has been advanced to photo level after five years.

It’s almost 2019 now. I don’t know how advanced the author has progressed.