Randomly old photos

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In 1966, an American boy dressed as a cowboy and played in front of a British guard.

In Cuba in 1932, fishermen pose for taking pictures

In 1925, in Beijing, China, Mr. Sun Yat-sen’s funeral was held.

A female fencer and her husband and coach in Paris, France, in 1900.

Museum of Moscow, Russia, 1958

In 1911, an indigenous Sioux woman served as an operator at a hotel in the United States.

In 1960, in Germany, a model showed the effect of a heating lamp in the snow and ice.

In 1929, women did housework outside a small house in Panama.

In 1945, on the island of Iwo Jima, a rock-filled fake tank to deceive the enemy.

In 1960, Valvidia, Chile, a lonely horse walked through the ruins

In a game in Birmingham, England in 1985, football hooligans rushed into the stadium.

In 1965, the Chamba tribe in Nigeria, a man wearing a ceremonial mask and costume

In 1975, an Italian fisherman who was moving a fish head

A white man escaped from an angry black crowd during a riot in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1985.

In 1930, in Tokyo, Japan, a rally showing the old warrior culture

In 1910, Melbourne, Australia, some young girls wore swimsuits at the time.

In 1892, in Chihuahua, Mexico, a Tarahumara woman weighed before being sold as a slave.

In Moscow, Russia, in 1910, agents were trained.

During the French student movement in 1968, an injured girl was taken away and she looked very tenacious.

In the Netherlands in 1931, a man was fined for not wearing a suitable men’s swimsuit.

In 1909, in Alberta, Canada, children from a local ethnic school were photographed. They must not speak any other language other than English, nor should they wear or discuss anything related to their tribe. This is the way Canada destroys local culture.

In 1947 at the beach in the United States, a woman took a misplaced shot and pretended to hold up her friend.

A fashion college student in Nigeria in 1972

In 1945, young people trained to become Saudi Arabian soldiers

In 1968, in Brazil, Miss Universe and Miss America took a group photo.

In 1970, two nude hippie weddings in Japan

Criminal investigation test is underway at the Identification Criminal Laboratory in Mexico City in 1935.

Women sunbathing in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1959

In Equatorial Guinea in 1972, an indigenous woman showed the skills to open his lips with a plate

Photographed in 1888, a group of orphans living in a lane near Mulberry Street in New York.