24 historical photos taken randomly

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In 1957, a man observes a woman in a bikini on a beach in Morocco

Nuclear ballistic missile parade in Moscow, 1965, in Moscow

In 1921, elevator service personnel in New York, USA

In 1912 in London, England, two police officers were preparing to arrest a feminist

In 1926, workers excavated ancient statues in Egypt

The commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the communist revolution in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1988, the women’s Afghan defence forces wearing traditional costumes

Three models showcased changes in American swimwear in 1900, 1940, and 1955

In 1910 in Japan, two men wore wizard costumes and equipment in the parade

Girl riding a carousel in Paris, France, 1910

In 1922, men from a local tribe in Somalia

Special flu mask used during the Spanish flu outbreak in 1919 in the UK

In the Philippines in 1905, a Moro warrior was smoking a cigar

During the First World War in 1915, in Toronto, Canada, women needed to train to defend their homes.

Girls in Melbourne Beach, Australia, 1910

In 1936, German troops arrived in Spain, when Spain was in civil war, and Germans would assist nationalists.

In 1892, a Tarahumara woman was sold as a slave in Chihuahua, Mexico, which was weighing

Two Orthodox priests in Russia in 1907

In New Zealand in 1901, Maori boys are practicing “Haka”

In Afghanistan in 1955, a boy looked at the fake guns made in his shop.

Women smoking on a boat in Normandy, France, 1908

Young people wearing local costumes in Thailand in 1903

In Moscow, Russia, in 1910, agents were receiving training.

Children in a school in Greece in 1964

In 1953 at the beach in California, the girls were playing sorghum volleyball.