28 pictures to open your eyes

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The quartz surface is as beautiful as a rainbow

Rock formations are like perfect waves

The fly didn’t expect it to get stuck

Like an inverted question mark

The place where the island meets the clouds must be magical.

The beach looks like a sea of ​​stars

Trees are too neat and make you feel uncomfortable

Although the two rivers are in the same stream, they are not contaminated.

What is the probability of encountering two random but similar humans?

When nature expresses love to you

The leaves look like some special magic items

Such a neat spider web is like artificial

Traces of dinosaurs living in Argentina during the first half of the Cretaceous period

The inside of the antenna baby is…

There are many penguins on the back of caterpillars

Half and half of the rose, an alternative beauty

The shadow of the spider in the pool looks strange

This is… the polished meteorite

The world’s oldest vertebrate Greenland shark, this is 512 years old.

The magnet on the refrigerator is always collecting iron from the air.

Angiography shows the damage and reduction of the vascular tissue of the yo-yo master

The original cactus can be so colorful

Not PS, this is a real corn variety

Props for taking close-up shots of the Lord of the Rings in the Lord of the Rings

The white line inside the strawberry actually connects each seed to the core

Apple still hanging on the tree in December

The iguana, as its name suggests, is like a dragonfly and a lizard (but it is essentially a lizard)

Who said that animals only care about themselves? This seagull is trying to save its companions!