Why are men short-lived than women?

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Question: Why are men short-lived than women?

A: Because women’s body cells repair and regenerate more strongly and estrogen is beneficial to regulate blood lipid metabolism. In some short-term massive bleeding accidents, women are more tolerant to stress than men, and women pay more attention to life details and pay more attention to health and hygiene. …..

Here is a simple and clear way to explain the problem! Please see:

Men can use this way to take a ladder

Sometimes, simply don’t use any ladders

ladder? The body of a man is a ladder

They will ride motorcycles like this

Can rest anywhere

Like to play, no matter how old, such as playing rope with hot glass

Have the courage to do some exciting work

Or find some excitement yourself, such as playing high pressure water dragon

Men feel that they are infinite

Or feel that they are not inferior to Spider-Man

Even if material conditions are scarce, never shrink back

What is the security risk? We don’t care

If he has never played a stunt, it is not a man.

On some occasions, men must be on the court.

Man, means not hesitating too much

Strong confidence in the handling of the tool

So you will see this everyday

Goggles? What goggles?

Protective measures, it’s almost like it.

What is the danger, isn’t it wearing a helmet?

This is a male driver. Do you want to bet?

Women also ride horses, but men are riding like this.

Men are very busy, so it’s time to iron clothes.

As the pillars of the house, the small things of clearing snow are contracted.

The key to the helmet is the protective function.

It is undeniable that men are very creative

And He believes in my companions.

Men are not afraid of high

Piece of cake

Humor is also a man’s advantage

Being a man is not easy to live!