20 weird historical photos

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In 1968, artist Peter Beard was writing a diary with his legs in the mouth of a crocodile in Kenya. This crocodile has been killed and used as a unique prop for his photography.

In 1984, a child from the United States sat on a creepy Easter bunny.

In 1924, a British man wore a special mask, which was specifically used to treat facial and neck cancer.

In 1978 in Sierra Leone, a group of people gathered in the secret society called Poro

In 1910, a female photographer took a tough and dangerous photo in Berlin, Germany.

In 1944, female students wearing gas masks marched in Japan

In 1865, a man was holding a very weak prisoner, a prisoner in the Civil War in the federal Andersonville prison in Georgia, USA. About 13,000 prisoners died because of cruel abuse.

Photo taken by Mafia leader Giuseppe Morero when he was arrested in New York in 1902. His hand was distorted from birth, nicknamed “Wrench”

In 1911, a man was about to be executed by the Ottoman cannon.

In Milan, Italy, in 1980, a 16-year-old boy died of heroin overdose, and the priest was praying for him.

In 1937, a deformed man known as Apeman (orangutan) took this picture in his hometown of Brazil.

In 1980, in Mumbai, India, pimps rode elephants to collect money from prostitutes.

A photo taken by a man named Francisco in Italy in 1920. He is actually a combination of a pair of parasitic twins. Three legs, four feet and two sets of genitals are useful to a certain extent. He also married in 1907, with 4 children.

In 1927, a 2 year old girl lit a cigarette in Los Angeles, USA

In 1938, a Chinese soldier prepared for a suicide bomber in the Battle of Taierzhuang to attack Japanese tanks.

In 1935, in France, a modified puppet artwork scared many people.

Statue of a giant alien in London, England, 1954

In 1909, a man smirked with his Aboriginal “Prisoner” in Australia.

In 1962, the mummies of the Venenza Cathedral in Italy took a group photo with the locals. These mummies date back to the 17th century and are still on display today.

Actor dressed in his costume and mask in Siam (Thailand) in 1900