Change national geography to cartoon style

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The photos of National Geographic are very realistic and even shocking. But if you change the style, maybe it will bring you another feeling?

The painter “CrazyJN” in Shanghai, China, created a set of illustrations based on national geographic photos, please enjoy:

The butterfly added to the crocodile’s nose gives the picture a fairy tale

After becoming an animated style, the dog is more cute.

Realistic style owls seem to be calm?

Hahaha~ Does this emphasize that the little tiger is a cat?

Banana necklace can be said to be a bright spot

After joining the clownfish, I feel like Pixar’s work.

I always feel that it is animated, it’s not so cruel.

The re-painted light and shadow effect is very good

Although the male lead has become smaller, it seems a bit evil…

Below is a big picture of the finished manuscript from the author’s website!