17-year-old girl is preparing to land on Mars

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Since the day when space travel became possible, mankind has been fascinated by the “final border” – where can we go the farthest? The successful launch of Musk’s SpaceX rocket has made this alien colonial interest even higher.

For space travel, the vast majority of people stay in the dream stage, but a 17-year-old girl is turning it into reality.

Alyssa Carson is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. She is undergoing various trainings to become an astronaut, and her goal is to participate in NASA’s 2033 Human Mars Program.

The plan is to build a human colony on Mars, grow food, conduct scientific experiments and find signs of life so that one day we can save our species.

If you can successfully join the program, then Alyssa will be the first human to land on Mars.

Since the age of 3, Alyssa has had the idea of ​​going to Mars because he saw aerospace cartoon characters on TV. Unlike the average person, she is trying to achieve her goals.

In 2008, her father registered for her at the US Children’s Space Camp.

She soon became the first person to visit NASA’s three children’s space camps.

Five years later, Alyssa became the first person to travel to all 14 NASA Visitor Centers and complete the NASA Passport Program.

Alyssa is still under 18 years old and cannot be an astronaut, but she was admitted and graduated by the Advanced Possum Academy and officially qualified as an astronaut intern.

Currently, she is mainly trained at the affiliates of the Embry-Riddle Aviation University.

NASA has a very high demand for astronaut training, so Alyssa wants to study all of her school subjects in 4 languages ​​(English, Chinese, French and Spanish).

Alyssa said that the biggest challenge she faces is time and everything is done at such a young age.

While studying hard, Alyssa founded the “Blueberry Fund”, named after her nickname “Blueberry”.

This is to encourage children to seek dreams and provide opportunities they could not have.

Of course the most important thing is for space travel and her mission.

There is an extra price to go to Mars: Alyssa knows very well that she is not suitable for marriage and family building until the plan is completed. But she is ready to accept it all

And if all goes well, when I return to Earth, Alyssa intends to become a teacher or president.

Alyssa summed it up in one sentence: “Always stick to your dreams, don’t be influenced by anyone”