20 strange fashions of this year

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Fashion is really indefinable, and sometimes it has nothing to do with beauty or practicality. Basically, it is the strange trend of “crazy”. For example:

Braided eyebrows

And this is to connect the eyebrows together (add a little curve)

Swarovski Rhinestone Sandals

During New York Fashion Week, the “sack” of a grocery store became a trend, priced at $ 375

Both pants and shoes

Where to find such a big binder?

Fashion is to have many faces

Slipper made of mineral water labels, priced at $580

It’s hard to say whether it’s worn or not.

Sports shoes and socks 2-in-1

The legs have to keep warm

The back of the shoes presents a fold, showing the wearer’s comfortable life

Is this jeans?

Swimsuit for $490, official description “Recommended against swimming”

Jewelry on nails

It can be used for other purposes.

This shoe can be worn without having to unpack it

Price $850!

2018 Spring Collection: Highlighter High Heels

Buying a clothing with another one behind, cost-effective

The key is that these things are followed by people!