Suffocating experience: friend checked in Terracotta Army Homestay

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A friend broke the news and said that he had stayed at a homestay of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an and was very funny.

What happened? First look at the front door, stone lion town house, red paint door, it seems good.

Look inside again, this is… Xi’an welcomes you?

The situation in the bedroom is like this.

Can you really fall asleep here?

Beside this bed, the ceiling light shoots from the head of the terracotta warrior…

More damn terrible!

It may be to strengthen its features. These are everywhere in the room.

Just ask how big is the area of the shadow of this skeleton?

The design style of this wall is so magical that it seems to break through the wall.

The style of the toilet is like this.

Wash basins are not ordinary, after all, the things that bear it below, add up to 10,000 years of history.

Oh, there’s nothing else here.

Put into the embrace of history!