Rules were meant to be broken.

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How can you bypass the regulations and achieve your own goals?

Dad travels for five days and puts a monitor in the room to monitor the son. This is how the son dealing with it.

The weather is hot, and the school does not allow boys to wear shorts, so…

Schools do not allow heterosexuality in the bedroom, so they watch movies like this

Due to being asked to “Breastfeeding must be shielded,” this mother does this

Iran does not allow women to watch football matches, 5 girls do this

Mother does not allow children to play in the kitchen (tile area)

The Brazilian city prohibits bars from placing tables on the sidewalks, so…

Fans were banned from watching the stadium for a period of 1 year so he rented a crane

Halloween, pumpkin lanterns are not allowed in dormitory

Photographs of suits must be provided in order to find a job, but they do not have their own suits.

Say to his son, “You should go outside to play.” He did it.

Every time you make a random stop, give your car a fake ticket

Don’t allow drinks in the pool… okay

The teacher asked that the formula can only be written on one side of the paper

Company requirements: All beverages must be placed in cups with straws

“Do not go to the lawn to pick up flowers!” said my mother.