20 bizarre old pictures

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A funny dancer dressed in fancy dress in France in 1909

In 1930, a man wears chemical weapons protective clothing in Russia

In 1973, British soldiers fought in Northern Ireland. One woman completely ignored and muttered herself.

In the United States in 1958, an Easter bunny hugs two children

In 1925, American anthropologists faced a group of Kenyan Lumbwa young women who all obstructed the face.

Several people performed acrobatics in China in 1927

A model of a woman riding a plant in the United States in 1955

In a Romanian orphanage in 1990, the child was not “adapted”

In 1911, a mining town in the United States, the child stared at the photographer

In 1898, a French couple took photos with their dolls

In 1902, a woman with schizophrenia

In 1956 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a group of men dressed in women

The Nazis freeze the Jewish prisoners in cold water and study how to prevent hypothermia

Several children were playing with bears in the Soviet Union in 1954

In 1900, the man read a book in a tree in Australia

In 1929, a young girl prepares to destroy the painted pottery in Mexico

In 1937, at the “Smiling Club” in Budapest, Hungary, women practiced bandages and practiced smiling

A doctor examined a patient during a plague in China in 1900

In 1949 in Newcastle, England, a model looks very uncomfortable when taking pictures

In 1922, a man in Weihai, China performed a swallow sword

1908 Several patients were treated in a steam box at a hospital in Georgia, USA

A woman with a long skull in central Africa in 1955

In 1964, a couple took a picnic in Russia and there were hot dogs on the tree. At the time such people were called “Soviet Hippies”.