Would mosquitos have more chance to be survived if they bite people not that itchy?

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The mosquito has also thought of this, but there is no way for it.

First of all, the female mosquito will suck your blood. Its life span is only 10-20 days. Mosquitoes must be suck to make the ovaries develop and then reproduce.
Therefore, for female mosquitoes, blood is a must.

Secondly, to suck blood from your body, the mosquitoes must pour the anticoagulant into the body to make the blood become thin and thin plasma that will not solidify so that it can be sucked out.
So, anticoagulants must be injected.

Third, when the mosquito suck up the blood, your skin is left with its saliva and anticoagulant. If it is not good luck, it will remain the undigested old blood that it sucked last night.
Disgusting? Unbearable? That’s right. That’s what your immune system thinks so, so the immune system releases a substance called histamine to eliminate foreign objects, which makes you feel itchy.
So, from a biological point of view, itching is also impossible to prevent.

To sum up, mosquitoes will bite, and people bitten will itch.
When people itch very annoying, they want to kill mosquitoes.

These things are the inability of mosquitoes to change.
What they can do is to be as light as possible when biting you. In this way, blood sucking and running away safely, instead of being slapped to death.
A pregnant female mosquito, in order to supplement the dead, has a super fast rate of reproduction, and in half a month later, there are 150 new forces buzzing in the air.


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I’ll explain a few questions in the review area.

1. Are the mosquitoes spreading AIDS?

Can’t, The mosquito only absorbs a very small amount of blood at a time. After the blood passes through the digestive system, the fragile virus has no residue.
Suck up the blood of AIDS patients, and then immediately to suck you? Brother, the high risk of blood sucking is very exciting once a day.
Having eaten enough and going to suck blood, is it not asking for trouble?

2. Why does a leech bite without itching?

The evolutionary route is different. The leech nail will take a long time on you. If it hurts you, it will not live long ago.

3. Why do the Mosquitoes Buzz?

Mosquito A: I found the blood. Don’t shout, come quietly.
Mosquito B: OK, so mosquitoes B adjust their posture and shake their legs. The slender wings want to drive such a bloated body. It is very stressful, so it can only use high frequency vibration to support the power of the flight, thus producing a buzzing sound.

Crack! – – a mosquito died.

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