The world is too big, also too many unknowns

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When the triangle cone has not moved for a while…

Real black lizard

Dandelion also has long legs

Wood is smeared with paint into lava

The child’s dirty hand prints in petri dishes for a while…

Have you seen the perfect round egg?

The crowns of these trees naturally avoid each other

Even small pea pods are full-fledged

Why… There are so many sports shoes on the beach?

Very coincidentally, open the bottle cap, seven pills just stuck on the top

The most lovely toilet seat ever seen

An imprint left by a master of parking

The most beautiful tomato

A perfect snowflake falling on girlfriend’s hair

When the butterfly landed on the butterfly manual…

Who would have thought that the flies would hit the cactus

When the shadow of the plane penetrated the clouds

Dew covered ladybugs

A magical cappuccino beach where a lot of foam is generated from impurities in the ocean

The world’s largest movable mechanism Bagger 288 (small dots in the figure are people)

This is a real island in Malaysia where people live

Not PS, this is a power line project called “The Land of Giants”

More than 50,000 ostriches will gather in the sky in various shapes

Photographed “The sea of clouds in the sky” in Sydney

This is not a cartoon, this is a real package

One of the leaves of the tulip

“Trojan horse” consisting entirely of computer parts

A section of an elephant’s foot

I can’t imagine the skull of the platypus

Human talking real-time MR scan image

Which one impresses you most?

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