The same is handwriting, why others are so excellent?

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In the Internet age, people are used to digital input, gradually forget the words, occasionally handwriting a few, the quality is also unacceptable… However, some people stick to the high standard of handwriting! See:

A student’s handwriting anatomy notes, words look good, the figure is also good-looking

Chinese students’ biological notes are not only neat but adorable

The English notes of a child in India can be said to be very hard

The teacher of the Filipino teacher, wow…how do you do it right?

Handwritten music scores, flowing characters

Another Chinese student’s notes, regardless of Chinese and English, are written well, color labels are worth learning

That’s awesome. Is this really not printed?

This travel note, text and drawings are very beautiful and can be published directly

Complex and clear notes, guess the owner is a learning tyrant.

A grandmother’s handmade calendar, admired

Preparation lesson notes for a teacher in China, there are thousands of pages of such notes

Those who write so neatly are very demanding.

Pretty pretty font, watching and enjoying

Chemistry lesson notes, this drawing will not be very troublesome?

This turned out to be handwritten

Hey, do you want to do this?

A physics lesson note taken by a student in China, admired

Japanese students’ notes, drawing skill is not bad

So do you all have artistic talent?

An English student at a school in China, it is said that the teacher asks everyone

A teacher in China can be said to be very awesome

Now where is the gap?


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