The person who was “critted” by fate

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After wearing hole jeans in summer

When performing the task, the pants off the chain

Avoid getting your shoes wet, but…

Unfortunately parked in this position

Sad three hits

Seen by others, they do not want to be seen

Just bought duckling…

Downstairs neighbor’s decoration turned out to be…

On the highway, the front trunk of the car flies over

The vending machine opened a loaf of bread and was ready to buy a bottle of water to scoop it down. The result…

Trapped in the hotel shower room

Wedding ring accidentally falls out of the lake

The photo pattern in the passport was broken

Imagine if someone is riding…

The buddies buried in the sand suffered a crit

Booked the location of the window for the child’s first flight

After hardly smoothing the cement

A bottle of things, became…

After reading the mood is not a lot better?

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