What are you willing to pay for a perfect photo?

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Sometimes photographers risk their lives

Sometimes models also risk their lives

Have to pose strangely to find the right angle

This is already a piece of cake

Even use human tactics

A scene that is common to others is a stage for people who want to take a selfie.

Sometimes it’s hard to be satisfied no matter how you shoot, you will want to kill

It’s too hard to find someone who has the patience to help take pictures

If nobody is willing to help, they have to rely on themselves

Sacrificing appetite for photographs is commonplace

Ignore the feelings of others, but also complete the shooting

In order to be effective, they have to use their brains to break through the conventional thinking

Have to hunt for novelty backgrounds

If someone in a public place is constantly doing yoga like a cramp, she must be taking a selfie

If you want to make a cool effect, you must not worry about the strange eyes of people around you.

So next time u see people taking painstaking self portraits, just give a like!

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