Some photos of the last century

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In 1950, an American woman danced with a robot

In 1930 in Congo, Belgium, the man and two locals were showing their gorillas hunting

In the 1950s, a professional American knifeman used her child as a prop to perform stunts

A man is undergoing a nose measurement during the Aryan race test in Germany in 1940

In London, England in 1940, passengers wear gas masks every day while riding a train

In 1946 Japan was hit by a tsunami that killed more than 2,000 people. However, for some reason, many people fleeing are still laughing.

In 1900, during the outbreak of the plague in Sydney, Australia, the mouse catcher took photos with a group of dead mice.

In France in 1933, a group of children was stripped of only underwear and treated with ultraviolet light

In 1971, in a car cemetery in Sweden, children were sitting in abandoned cars.

In 1932, the girls who participated in the “Best Shaped Body” competition in Britain

In 1950, a child in Johannesburg, South Africa, stood in a partitioned area (ensuring segregation)

In 1900, a patient was firmly tied in a mental hospital in France

In 1960 the Japanese girl hung a toy on her arm, which was fashionable in the year.

Hairdressing competition in Warsaw, Poland, 1932

Somewhere in France in 1927, people were selling “unwanted” babies

In 1908, the divers of the German submarine crew were ready to go underwater for training

In 1892, Inuit shaman with a sick boy in Alaska

In 1952, the woman released her flock in the deserted park of Orsini Palace in Bomarzo, Italy.


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