Normal but horrible photos

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The photo taken by a netizen’s husband on the way to work, the fog is very thick, it is just an ordinary passerby.

Seen in the doorway of a store, a group of crows, nothing

It’s hairy but it’s just insects after all

Looks a little leg soft at three o’clock in the middle of the night, unless you boldly approached…

What is it in the sink? It’s probably just a button or something

Someone in the abandoned building hangs a mask in the bathroom, it’s boring

The volcano erupted, the shape of the smoke just happened….

There seems to be a ghost? Actually just a shadow trick

This is a ghost doll? Use surveillance to observe children at night, it’s all like this

Who was so bored when they were surprised by a river?

It’s a bit whimsical, even though I know it’s just artificial stuff

The stamp on the rear window of the car may leave a shadow on the timid

Do you be afraid of seeing this outside the window in the early morning? But maybe it’s a passerby

The sights seen in an abandoned basement are not ghosts but horrors

This kind of photo is actually PS, everyone is not afraid, ha ha ha ha….

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